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Our expertise lies in meticulously reviewing and evaluating insurance contracts. Tailoring a commercial life insurance program that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Let our team work with you to get the best insurance rates possible. Contact us today to receive a free personalized quote.

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About Commercial Life Insurance

In the world of business, the tides of change are constant, but the need for stability remains paramount. At TR Insurance Agency, we recognize the intricate dance between growth, risk, and reward. That’s why our Commercial Life Insurance is specifically designed to fortify your business against the unexpected, ensuring that it thrives for generations to come.

From the bustling corridors of finance to the innovative hubs of tech, our commercial life insurance solutions cater to a diverse range of industries. Whether you’re a budding startup or a multinational conglomerate, we’ve got you covered. Industries we serve:

  • Finance and Banking
  • Technology and Software
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • [And many more…]
  • Our Commercial Life Insurance Coverage Highlights:

    Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
    Secure your top talent by promising future supplemental retirement income without immediate tax implications.
    Executive Bonus Plans

    A tax-efficient method for businesses to offer additional benefits to select employees, ensuring your key players remain motivated and loyal.

    Restricted Executive Bonus Arrangements (REBA)
    Allow your top executives to enjoy additional bonuses with specific restrictions, creating a win-win for both employee retention and company growth.
    Insurance-Based Retirement Plans
    A holistic approach to retirement planning, blending the protection of insurance with the growth potential of an investment.
    Buy/Sell Arrangements
    Safeguard your business’s future by ensuring a smooth transition during times of unexpected leadership changes or stakeholder exits.
    Key Person Plans
    Protect against potential financial losses resulting from the untimely death of a pivotal team member.
    Split Dollar Plans
    A flexible solution for businesses and executives to share the costs and benefits of a life insurance policy.
    Stock Redemption Plans
    Assure a seamless process when a shareholder exits, with the company purchasing the outgoing stake using life insurance proceeds.
    Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Funding
    Utilize life insurance to fund the buyout of retiring owners under an ESOP structure.

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    My family uses TR Insurance agency for many of our insurance needs. The staff is always professional and responsive and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to assist and do whatever it takes to provide the services that are needed. Thanks to TR Insurance Agency for all of your hard work!

    - Shana Washington

    I called and within Minutes I had quotes for home and auto insurance and they treated me as if I had been dealing with their company all my life from day one I really appreciate your help and your knowledge I would recommend you guys to everyone I know.

    - Bruce Tucker

    Every time I have an issue it’s solve in a speedy manner the agency always calls me back right away. Great agency with great people. I’ve recommend to my friends. Thanks for all u do.

    - Karen Misilmeri